10 treatment rooms, described as follows:

  • 5 Regular massage rooms with garden terrace fully equipped to provide all of our massage therapies with individual A/C and music system.
  • 2 of these with a larger garden terrace used for wet treatments and rituals, and featuring a built-in tub at the terrace; plus a complete - all equipped - treatment room.
  • 1 of the above is a multipurpose treatment room were we can provide both, body treatments and massages
  • 2 facial rooms, that can also be used as massage rooms when we needed to.
  • One "Post treatment" relaxation area.


  • 2 Luxurious couples' rooms - With their own outside private garden as well as lounging space where our guests can relax and be served either lunch and/or dinner.
  • 4 Garden fresh palapas to enjoy "Al Fresco" massages
  • 2 Vichy shower rooms - Ideal for scrubs and body wraps. One is located in the women's locker area, and the other at the men's locker area
  • Inside men's and women's locker room areas one can find showers, vanities with their amenities. They also feature an attendant station to serve guests.
  • Outside, there are men's and women's steam rooms, sauna, pools and pre- and/or post treatments relaxing areas.
  • A reception area with a retail space.
  • One tasteful beauty salon - For manicure & pedicure and also hair treatments.
  • A fitness center - That uses Italian Technogym equipment, the best technology and equipment on the market today.